Almost Famous – Liverpool

Working in Manchester as I do, the word had spread that something special was happening up in the Northern Quarter. Proper burgers with strange accoutrements were being sold from a small, unbranded, backstreet block. The problem appeared to be that you could never tell when it was going to be open. You only knew once you turned up and saw the queues stretching round the corner to get in!
Mind you a bigger problem came to the fore, the place got seriously torched. This meant two things, 1) I never got to try and 2) it meant ‘Almost Famous’ was no more.
Thankfully it managed to limp forward by opening a shed off Deansgate in Manchester, but also, in a slightly more sure footed guise, it has opened up along the M62 in Liverpool. Given that two of my young, hip relatives have just started Uni in the town it was here that I ventured along with said youngsters and the flame.
It took some finding though! Branding is not one of ‘Almost Famous’s’ priorities it would seem. It is housed in an old warehouse in the centre of a derelict part of town, but it is close to the ‘studenty’ action.

I tentatively entered first to see if the coast was clear and that this indeed was ‘Almost Famous’. A flashing, young, spouse blade confirmed it was. I waved the posse in. We were met immediately with a blast of loud music, bold graphics and a life sized plastic cow. I was particularly taken with the strap line ‘Burgers Get You Ripped’. Given that my level of ‘rippedness’ was down slightly, I was greatly encouraged to realise the calorific onslaught I was about to consume was going to improve my physique!

We attempted to get to grips with the menu, which were fanned out under the up cycled candle holder. A very friendly waitress explained the terms in order to select the correct strength of sauce to wash over our fries and burgers. Choices included ‘suicide’ (very hot). ‘Redneck’ (BBQ type) and ‘naked’.

The burgers all have names. I’m not too sure of the relevance of each name but basically you get a real, cheshire beef, beautifully, pink in the middle, burger (or two, or three!!) with a combination of cheese, pulled pork, chilli beef, slaw, onions, bacon, salad, gherkins along with a choice of sauce. You can actually get a ‘Not Burger’, which the flame went for, which in her case was breadcrumbed chicken.
I went for a ‘Sloppy Juan’ which meant I got two burgers, chilli beef, onion, pickle, lettuce, ‘animal’ and famous sauce all set on a ‘frisbee’! I had it with a side of ‘true romance’ fries.

All the fries are 50/50 sweet potatoes and normal potatoes. The ‘true romance’ bit meant they came with bacon bits, cheese, onion, chilli and pickle. They were very moorish.

The burgers were properly tasty. Cooked pink in the middle, they we beautifully moist. A burger made from real, quality beef is a very good thing and should not be confused with the shrunken, flabby efforts you may have come across. My hard to please southern relatives were completely taken with their ‘Triple Noms’, complete with BBQ pulled pork.

Again, purely for research purposes I tested out a desert. I had a sensational ‘teen dream’ sundae. Layers of apple, crumble, cherries, crumble, ice cream, cream, salted caramel popcorn and a smoked pretzel. It was absolutely gorgeous, but finished me off!

So if you are middle aged and want to get down with the kids, (or impress the kids), then get down to Almost Famous and try one of these beauties. It will set you back a bit, we spent £55 for four of us with fries, but it is real quality.

Parr Street, Liverpool

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