Old Wellington – Manchester

I think it’s fair to say we don’t usually consider the humble, city centre pub as a place to enjoy some fine evening grub. A couple of pints after work, meeting the mates to watch footy yes, but eat? Here in Manchester it’s the restaurants, bistros and trendy bars that seem to get the plaudits for a good feed.

I managed to coax my dad into the city to sample the odd jar of real ale. The aged relative had proved difficult to prise from his Monday nights in the local ‘conny’ club famed for its cheap beer. I, along with my young brethren set about plotting a sensible trek that would ply the major with quality ale rounding off with some decent nosebag. The Rising Sun and Sam’s Chop House set the ball rolling, they very thoughtfully provided the early evening alcoholic restoratives as prescribed. A JW Lees ‘Manchester Pale Ale’ and a Sharps ‘Doombar’ being the choice.
The old man looking slightly bronzed in Sams Chop House
The old man looking slightly bronzed in Sams Chop House
However, ever mindful of getting the old chap back home, tucked in bed without a hitch I reckoned a final throw at ‘The Old Wellington’ on the way to Victoria Rail station would round things off with aplomb. The Old Wellington in Manchester is within a short stroll of Manchester Cathedral and Exchange Square.  It has had an interesting past to say the least. There cant be many hostelrys of 1600 vintage that have been moved 100m from its original site some 400 years later!
From the outside Its has a real ‘olde worldey’ ‘choclate box’ appeal. It wouldn’t look out of place in leafy Kent or Cheshire. Inside the theme continues, wonky beams, wonky floors, ill fitting windows its all here, but given a polished sheen by owners Nicholsons.
A traditional old pub
A traditional old pub
First things first, we were able to supplant the septuagenarian into a comfy chair with a Thwaites ‘Nutty Black’. His first pint of mild of the night. A Thwaites ‘Wainwright’ (one if my favourites) wetted my pipes. The Old Wellington’s dining section is housed on the first and second floor. We nestled into a first floor slot. A short perusal of the traditional pub fayre menu soon had us choosing a hearty pre train gorge.
The menu
The menu
The provider of my very being went straight for the gammon, double egg and chips (£8.50). Basic stuff I admit but it got the thumbs up. Couldn’t fault the quantity or quality. I had the Iberian Black Pig and Apple burger (£10.50). This came on a wooden batten with some skin on chips. It was very good and certainly hit the spot. The young bruv had Venison Sausage and mash for £9.50 which were very tasty though he felt the sausages were a little overcooked. We didn’t have time for sweet but we all came away suggesting we’d come again. You never know we might bring my mum next time!
Gammon, Iberian Black Pig Burger
Gammon, Iberian Black Pig Burger
So spare a thought for the humble pub, they are still here and worth a good seeing to.
Old Wellington
4 Cathedral Gates,
M3 1SW
0161 839 5179

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