The Fast Diet – Intermittent Fasting – 13 week update

“A week in Sicily eating pasta kills the early gains, but The Cook Twit bounces back”

Ah well seven weeks in to the Fast diet and it’s bad news I’m afraid. You may recall the first six weeks had yielded an impressive six pound loss from the Cooktwit frame. However, The wife has slipped a weeks hiatus in. I’ve had to endure a week in Sicily and have lived on a diet of granola, cream, scrambled eggs, pastries, gassy beer, cheese, ham, shed loads of pasta and tiramisu. Allied to a week slumped on a sunbed the whole excercise has meant that the six pounds of visceral lard that had found a home elsewhere has now clamped itself back on to the Cooktwits shambolic frame. In short I am back where I started.

Porridge and fruit for breakfast
Porridge and fruit for breakfast

Undeterred I have marched back to the front, strapped on the gauntlet of hope, the helmet of shame, the trousers of 36″ waist, the coat of…. Well you get the message, I’ve started again. It goes to show this idea of eating what you want on the other five days is a little bit of a misnomer. You still have to be careful. ‘Normal’ is not a weeks orgy of pasta, beer and sweet treats!
After a further six weeks of fasting two days a week though, I have lost eight pounds so I’m getting well back on track. I even went away on business one early morning and maintained discipline though I’m still to determine whether the porridge at Carluccis is under 300 calories, I’m not sure the caramelised apples, honey and berries are allowed!

Lunch! An apple
Lunch! An apple

I’ve even fasted on a day when I had a gig at night. My usual couple of pints and a burger was effortlessly swapped for a black coffee and a Mexican salad. I reckon I am starting to find it much easier to do now.
I have fasted a couple of times now on a Thursday when I do circuit training after work. I have got through it without any problems at all, in fact I reckon it helps to have fasted and drank plenty of water through the day. Even my trainer reckons the fast diet is good and heartily recommends it on a training day.

Hearty salad with mackerel
Hearty salad with mackerel

So all in all it’s still working out well. The only thing I am missing is my cooking. Missing two days a week means the opportunity to experiment and create something new and tasty starts to lose its appeal. My diet on a fast day has tended to become a bit similar. I have porridge with a pear for breakfast, an apple for lunch and a big, leafy salad with maybe a piece of chicken or fish. Some fruit and a dash of creme fraiche being the sweet treat.

Fruit and creme fraiche (not my pic)
Fruit and creme fraiche (not my pic)

In summary I still recommend. Perhaps I’ll measure my waist soon! I’ll keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “The Fast Diet – Intermittent Fasting – 13 week update”

  1. How are you getting along since returning to the 5:2 diet? I’ve just started so am interested to hear about your progress!

      1. 8lbs is still superb even though a plateau is understandably frustrating. I guess the brilliant thing about this way of eating is its potentially longevity though on the counter, progress can be slower (but I like to think of it as more sustainable losses too)… Good luck!

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