Wasabi Teppan-Yaki – Stockton Heath

We all know its tough getting a new restaurant up and running so its always interesting to try out a new one that seems a bit different. Stockton Heath is already a bit of a hot spot for trendy bars, topline chains and swanky eateries. It competes for the Cheshire set disposable lolly with Knutsford, Didsbury, Wilmslow and others. The latest effort to hit the Heath High Street is Wasabi Teppan-yaki which as you may have guessed is a Japanese Restaurant. Teppan-yaki means, cooked in front of you! There is a clue there as to what it is that is different!
The restaurant is a large fronted room in what is currently the least trendy end of town. It will be interesting to see if it gets people to move down from the hub further up. Some dosh has been spent on the gaff. It is resplendent with silver chairs, swanky lights, moody mirrored decals all complimenting to give a contemporary feel.

The room is then dominated by the three Teppan-Yaki tables. These are effectively big hot plates on which the resident chefs conduct their food acrobatics and food alchemy. One chef cooks for up to ten people. The patrons are seated on three sides of the chef.

Having selected our theme, I went for “Umi” which was a tranche of standard fare alongside tempura prawns, griddled salmon and scallops. The common thread through each theme is salad, egg fried rice, soup and various dips. After being served the very pleasant, fresh salad, we had an additional special called ‘dragon roll’. Prawn wrapped in veal, avocado and then encased with a nutty batter and wasabi. Arranged on a plate to look like a dragon it was indeed a very tasty morsel which served to bring in a miso soup and the tempura prawns.

Once the starters were consumed the main event got under way. Andre our chef clicked into action. A clatter of metallic utensils dancing around his body landing on the hot plate at rhythmic intervals created the drum like entrance. He then proceeded to introduce himself and the other guests around the table. Flames licked up to to the overhead extractor whilst eggs cracked theatrically onto the warmer parts of the plate allowing him to chop through them when the plain rice needed to become egg fried.
With the accompaniments set into their recepticals, Andre set off supplying all the guests with their own individual requirements, quite a challenge as we all seemed to have something different. My tact was to simply keep accepting everything he threw at me and devour it before it got warm. My scallops were the highlight of the main course. Chef razored through them to create a criss cross effect on their succulent, crispy tops. I slipped through several slices of medium cooked salmon all
washed down with various tangy, hot dips.

Once all the theatrics had died down we slumped across to a normal table to finish off with a wonderful plum mouse with strawberry and mint. A very welcome, sweet end.

This all cracked in at £35 per head which was quite a bit for a quiet Thursday night. You certainly couldn’t quibble at the quality and quantity and after all where else can you eat with such drama. All in all a great evening was had. Definitely worth a try with a party. Good luck Wasabi!

Wasabi Teppan-Yaki Japanese Restaurant
19-25 London Road, Stockton Heath, Cheshire WA4 6SG
01925 211222

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