Proper Tea – Manchester Cathedral

A bad dose of planning had the Cook Twit trailing across the grand metropolis of Manchester a little too early for comfort one Saturday morning. Nonetheless he doesn’t shirk, he doesn’t quibble, he trots off back to the Victorian rail terminus for the short trek back home to the sticks. However, a quick check of the trolley bus timings shows that at the current rate of progress he will be lodged on an icy, windswept platform for a heady twenty five minutes. Thoughts quickly turn to a ‘livener’ in the nearest hostelry, but hark, what is this? A quaint, well stocked tea room homes into view. Maybe, just maybe a brew and a ‘snackette’ will stave off the unpleasantness of the pre mentioned stand on the concrete ledge?

The Cathedral through the window
The Cathedral through the window
In what was the work of a moment, the cook twit found himself gazing across the snow dropped lawns to the stately spectacle of the Cathedral of Manchester. A glance downwards found him scanning through a neatly printed menu belonging to ‘Proper Tea’. And a thoroughly decent ‘tearoomy’ menu it is too. A significant lineage of teas ran alongside the traditional fayre of sandwiches, soups and sweet cakes. Afternoon tea is an option at £16 a head, the sandwiches are on polish rye with various cheeses, pickles, hams, chickens and mushrooms. It’s all thoroughly pleasant stuff.
Menu and  room
Menu and room
Sadly, a little known fact to many, is that the cook twit can’t stand tea or indeed the smell of it and so a ‘proper’ coffee was ordered instead. Cathedral blend no less. Having surveyed the substantial stock of sweet ‘cakeage’ on the counter a ‘mini’ flapjack in the shape of a newly born muffin was also acquired. I am pleased to announce that both parts of the £3.70’s worth of subsistence were well on par.
The brew and the little flapjack
The brew and the little flapjack
The room is beautifully appointed, a chequered floor, light wood tables and chairs created a quaint but modern look. Service was maintained by two young blades in vintage pinnies. They were prompt and smiling. There was only a couple of tables left when I swept in. I suspect it gets pretty packed at peak times. I recommend you get in early with a bit of a thirst and a bit of a hunger. The ‘Proper Tea’ rooms will get you back in fettle.
Serious cakeage!
Serious cakeage!
Proper Tea
Manchester Cathedral
Visitors Centre,
10 Cateaton Street
M3 1SQ
Monday to Saturday 10.00 – 18.30
Sundays 10.00 – 17.00
+44(0)161 832 3220

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