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Healthy Salad in a Black+Blum ‘Box Appetit’ Lunch Box

What? A blog about the Black+Blum ‘Box Appetit’ Lunch box? Yep, it’s worth it, bare with me!

How do you get yourself a filling, healthy lunch when you have a long day at work?
Well my way is to bag yourself a load of salad and a fancy lunch box. The ‘Box Appetit’ lunch box by designers Black+Blum, is a rather trendy looking, square, plastic box with the natty idea of having two triangular nesting boxes within. The whole ensemble is then trapped in a see through lid that clamps to the box creating a air and water tight seal. The whole thing then slips into a brief case, laptop bag or whatever you take on the haul into work (or relaxing picnic!!)
Below is a sequence that I go through each night to prepare my lunch for the following day. It keeps overnight in the fridge, no problem at all. And it all slips silently into an 8 propoint meal! If you are married to a weight watcher leader!


Typical Ingredients that serves 2
Half a red onion (finely chopped)
Two hands of salad leaves (bagged or lettuce and rocket – chopped)
Stick of celery (finely chopped)
25g salad cheese (cubed)
Dozen black olives (chopped)
10 cherry tomatoes
One pepper (finely sliced)
4 mushrooms (finely chopped)
Tablespoon chick peas (or sweetcorn, butter beans)
Boiled egg (sliced)
75g Boiled ham (sliced)
2 teaspoons of dressing or chutney or piccalilli
Pinch of salt and pepper


Basically I put all the salad ingredients in a big bowl, finely chopped. I then slice the protein (egg and ham) and put into the large triangular box and seal with the lid. I put the dressing or relish in the small triangular tub. The trick then is to pour all the salad into the centre. By chopping finely you can pour in and force it all down and pile up to overflowing. Clamp on the top and store for use.


When at work simply tip everything into the large bowl and mix the relish and the protein ingredients together and start chomping. It makes a filling, healthy, tasty treat, or with minimum fuss.
Any weight watchers out there? This little lot would set you back 8 propoints, but if you take out the cheese, olives and supplement with more salad you could whittle down to 5. You can of course mix this around. Sometimes I put a tin of sardines as the protein or chicken or whatever you have. Obviously you can change the salad stuff as well. The key really is to finely chop so you can squeeze more in. Shredded carrot works well in there as well.
Box Appetit is available at a lot of good cook shops. They cost about £16. They are often found in trendy designer shops but if all else fails go to http://www.black-blum.com

Cauliflower Rice – A no carb, no points accompiament

It might be difficult to believe but maintaining the cook twit’s svelte like figure takes some doing. A couple of back to back restaurant reviews can easily add serious poundage to the cook twit frame. I have to let you into a secret. Erstwhile cohort ‘the flame’ doubles up through the week as a weight watcher leader. This means that through the week serious effort is made in ensuring we enjoy a guilt free weekend. Anyone who has attempted to lose weight will have heard the mantra. Eat more calories than you burn off, you put on weight. Eat a balanced diet, plenty of veg and fruit, less sugar, less fat, we’ve all heard it. The ideal weight watcher food = zero propoints. 

Well here we have it, welcome to ‘zeropoints’ Cauliflower Rice.
I wouldn’t say it was an outright replacement for rice. It’s not quite as forgiving with very wet sauces, I’m sure it would ‘mush up’ a bit but generally this is a no carb, no fat replacement.
1) Firstly take the humble cauliflower. I used a medium sized one here. Chop in half, half again and discard the centre stalk or core. Basically you want the florets.  
2) add the florets into a food processor and blitz for about 10 seconds. This will reduce the florets to rice sized grains. I dare say you could use a hand grater at this stage but it would take a lot longer.
3) collect in a large bowl. A medium cauliflower produces about 300g of ‘rice’. I used 75g per person in the photo. If you have any over, put in a bag or container and freeze.
4) to cook, I dry fried 150g of the grains in a non stick frying pan on a medium heat. I added a pinch of salt, some pepper and a few shakes of paella seasoning. I reckon you could add herbs, or other fine spices at this stage for a bit of flavour.
5) dry fry for a few minutes stirring occasionally. The grains have moisture and so by the time they have warmed through they will have dried out as well leaving a real ‘rice’ like texture.
6) I served with a chilli con carne, but I reckon you could add a curry or any other dish you might consider with rice. 
Its a great way of getting through what is often considered a boring, but nonetheless good for you vegetable.
As I said, no carb, no points, no fat, low GI food that fills you up with goodness. Give it a try.